Who we are

We are building a great team!

Wonderful Opportunities Worldwide works as an Open platform where researchers, business people, experts, investors and entrepreneurs can combine their talent, experience, knowledge, finance and energy to build together successful companies in a smart way.

W.O.W. collaborators have in common:

  • Knowledge and expertise in some sector or key company area.

  • Passion for creating and generating value.

  • Are open minded and connected people.

  • Like things well done and we are transparent, efficient and maximise the impact of our resources.

Do you want to join us?


María Jesús González Campos

María Jesús has worked for more than thirty years in innovation and startup ecosystems, starting as an investment analyst and later holding several management positions. One of the main projects that she has launched is the creation and management of BIC Granada, the incubator of technology-based companies in the Health Technology Park, where she had the opportunity to share entrepreneurial experience with more than a hundred startups.

María Jesús has decided to invest her experience, her energy and her resources into the creation of Wonderful Opportunities Worldwide to transform great ideas into useful products for society.

She is creative, open minded, flexible, enthusiastic, an efficient manager and creator of teams. María Jesús is a born initiator.

Carmen Ruiz Gálvez

Carmen has developed her professional career as an economist in the area of tax-accounting consulting, in which she has extensive experience. With a practical and flexible approach, she ensures that the platform and the companies created comply with their legal and fiscal obligations, as well as making sure that our investors can benefit from the relevant tax opportunities.

Carmen is curious, empathetic and very decisive. Carmen always beats deadlines by a mile!

Todd Snowden

Todd is an executive and entrepreneur who focuses on results, with more than 25 years of experience in business development and the implementation of marketing strategies in startups and SMEs. He has worked worldwide from the United States and Spain. He has created and sold several start ups in a wide range of markets, including medical and dental devices, diagnostics, biotechnology and laboratory services.

Todd is delighted to discover new opportunities, collaborate with his knowledge in their development, and even willing to invest in them.

Todd's specialty is to capture value, refine it and bring it to market.

Jesús Benavides

Jesús is a consultant and professor of postgraduate training. His scientific specialty is neuroscience. After an international postdoctoral training, he has worked for more than 30 years in R & D in the European pharmaceutical industry, where he has held a number of important positions. Currently Jesus is part of several expert committees and is a member of several associations of volunteer experts in support of startups.

Jesus is interested in collaborating with his knowledge and experience, and even investing in projects where he can add value.

Jesús brings to the platform his knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and European venture capital, enriched with a great critical sense that always increases the value of the proposals.

Antonio Ruiz-Falcó

Antonio has more than thirty years of experience in information and communication technologies, distributed in public R + D + i centers and private companies, having created two startups. He has a passion for innovation and has been a pioneer in the introduction of many technologies. His main line of research is the Energy Efficiency in ICT, having been the author of important innovations in this area.

He is an enthusiast person, who keeps the excitement of his first day, and his natural habitat is outside his comfort zone. He is an effective communicator with great leadership skills.

José Ramón Fernández

With a previous business and biological background, José Ramón has developed his research career as a PHD in the functional food sector. He has worked also in human health and translational research in the public sector. Now, he is the Director of Strategy and Business Development in the innovative company INNOFOOD.

Jose Ramón brings to the platform his multivision and experience which bridges the public and private sector, business and scientific knowledge, and his specialisation in health and the food industry.

We especially appreciate his youthful energy and encouragement to meet new challenges.

Gregorio Jiménez

Gregorio is currently an entrepreneur and President of the Social Council of the University of Granada.

He spent most of his professional career in the company Puleva, where he was Managing Director for more than two decades. In this position he pioneered the development of concepts that changed the agro-food industry in Europe, such as functional food.

Gregorio continues to invest in business projects, bringing to the platform his invaluable experience, his knowledge in the food sector and his never ending innovative spirit.

Alberto Lévy

Alberto Lévy has more than twenty years experience in the food distribution and catering sector, with management responsibilities. He has lead the transformation of traditional businesses into more technically and innovatively driven food companies.

One of his more valuable experiences has been in the introduction of cold-chain delivery systems in large food distributors.

Nowadays he is involved as a consultant in the development of new projects in relation to international trade and outsourcing of commercial activities, and he is well-connected to several sources of capital.

He is delighted to actively participate in the development of new business opportunities.

Alberto is an intuitive market observer with useful commercial expertise.

Silvia Martín
Entrepreneur and Healthcare sector expert

Silvia has more than ten years of experience as an enterpreneur.  Several successful companies have been created by her, most of them in the healthcare sector. However, she is not afraid of becoming involved in other sectors.

Silvia is a risk taker with natural business intuition. She is very focus on objectives and never stops working. She is constantly discovering new opportunities and investing in them.

We particularly appreciate her energetic and frenetic creativity. Things happen very fast around her!